Our Science and Unique Formula

SmartShield™ is available in two formulas, concentrated XLC and ready to use RTU.

SmartShield™ anti-microbial protectant inhibits microbial growth on hard surfaces, fabrics and textiles.
Our safe and easy to apply formula is U.S. E.P.A. Registered, Lab tested, Certified and long acting.
SmartShield™ forms a strong bond to the treated surface (porous or non-porous) in about 3 minutes.
The nano-molecular component forms a microscopic surface environment that is inhospitable to the survival
and growth of bacteria, mold, fungi and algae. This is accomplished without the use of any migrating poisons
or heavy metals such as nano-silver.



Mold and mildew can grow uncontrollable if left untreated. Bleach type products DO NOT kill mold but merely bleaches the stain temporarily. That’s why it returns a few weeks later.  One simple spray on application of SmartShield costs less than 10 cents and will prevent mold for a month or more.  SmartShield will prevent mold from retuning week after without dangerous chemicals.




Common ‘touch-point” surfaces can be hot spots for the transference of microorganisms. Odor causing bacteria is a problem in most nursing and assisted living facilities. SmartShield stops and prevents the growth of these bacteria before they become deeply embedded in wheelchairs, furniture and bedding.

Our independent lab tests show proven efficacy for the 99% reduction of e. coli,
salmonella and MRSA on surfaces in as little as two hours.


!Gym_849x565_(2)Sporting Facilities

Sweat is prevalent in gyms and athletic facilities. SmartShield prevents odors caused by sweat on all applied surfaces. Mold, mildew and fungi can grow uncontrollably in showers, shower curtains and spas. Surfaces treated with SmartShield stop and prevent the growth of mold in these areas 24/7.
The increase of MRSA has been prevalent in athletic facilities.  Lab tests have proven that MRSA cannot thrive on a surface treated with SmartShield.



Have you ever been concerned by stories of unsanitary TV remotes and bodily fluids
in Hotels and Resorts? One simple treatment of SmartShield will protect guests from
a multitude of un-friendly organisms. You should never be subject to mold in showers
in hotel rooms. Suggest to the management that they use SmartShield. The hotel will be healthier and cleaner because of it.

“I personally welcome your interest and suggest you contact me directly if you have any questions.
Be aware of copy-cat products and the over use of “buzz words”. SmartShield is a Patented formula
with extensive testing and proven efficacy.”  -Ron Ragucci President